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If you've kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, saving for their future is absolutely the thing to do. Of course, in your mind, this is the best gift you could ever give a child. Why? Because Saving is Believing! But try explain the gift of a savings account rationally to a kid and you'll most likely find yourself nursing a kick in the shins from a disappointed young'un.

But what if you could do the sensible thing, nab them a whole lot of cool rugby goodies and open yourself up to winning a whole range of exclusive RaboDirect PRO12 rugby stuff? That way, everyone's a winner! Here's how it works.

Open an online RaboDirect Savings Account for your little one, you'll get a variable rate and there's no fees or charges. The account is for a minor under 18, but you, as the guardian, are in control. There's no minimum deposit but when you lodge €100 you'll get our kids rugby pack and open yourself up to lots of exclusive money can't buy rugby stuff.

Go on, surely all that is worth a tackle? Check out the promotional terms and conditions and then join the scrum for rugby goodies.

What you get:

Open an online RaboDirect Savings Account for your child, deposit a €100 and you'll get lots of chances to enter our Season 2 2012/2013 draws to win heaps of exclusive money can't buy rugby stuff.

  • Family passes
  • Match day tickets
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • Player meet and greets
  • Kicking classes
  • and much more

For the kids:

When you open a RaboDirect Savings Account for your child and deposit a €100, your little rugby rascal will get:

  • Kids sized RaboDirect PRO 12 match ball
  • A RaboDirect PRO12 string bag
  • RaboDirect PRO12 stickers
    and a RaboDirect PRO 12 pen.

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