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We get lots of questions daily, the most popular of which we’ve pulled together below.
Since RaboDirect closed – where are my funds?
Your accounts were closed and the funds are held by Rabobank Dublin (or in situations where there has not been any customer transaction in the preceding 15 years, the funds have been transferred to the NTMA in accordance with the Dormant Accounts Act).  Click here to find out how to claim your funds.
Rabobank Dublin is a branch of Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A., a Dutch co-operative bank incorporated in the Netherlands and licenced by the Dutch Central Bank. Rabobank Dublin is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.
I have received a letter saying my funds are going to charity. Can I change my mind and reclaim the balance now or later?
You can claim at any time if you so wish. Click here for your funds transfer request.
I have received a letter saying my funds are going to charity. Can I send to my own preferred charity?
If you wish the funds to go to another charity then you will have to firstly complete the funds transfer request to transfer the funds into an account in your name and then you can donate to your charity of choice. Click here for your funds transfer request.
Why am I getting different letters?
If you had a number of relationship types (single, joint, minor…) when you were a customer a different letter was sent depending on the final balance for accounts within each of those relationships.
How do I update my contact details?
Please send a written instruction to change to the new address and also send proof of address (bank statements within last 6 months, see funds transfer request section for further detail).
How can I get a statement or interest certificate?
If you closed your account(s) before the 16th May 2018, your statement and certificate of interest were posted to the address on record.

If you didn’t close your accounts before the 16th, your statement and certificate of interest were posted in June/July 2018.

If you require a copy then please email with your request and contact details.

What do I need to do to get my funds?
Please click here to find out the steps involved in getting your funds.
Are my funds covered by a guarantee scheme?
Yes, unclaimed funds continue to be covered by the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS). Click here for further details.
I had a Term Deposit account - what happened to my account/interest?
Any active term deposit accounts were closed on the 12th March 2018 and all interest up to the maturity date was applied to your balance less any DIRT that was applicable. The balance was then transferred to your demand account and was available to you from the 15th March 2018 as outlined in a letter issued to you on the 21st February 2018.  We issued closing statements for term deposits at the end of March.
If you did not close your demand account we closed it as outlined in FAQ – Since RaboDirect closed – where are my funds?
I had a Notice Saver account – Do I still need to apply the notice period?
The notice period on all Notice Saver accounts was waived in our announcement on the 21st February 2018. This account is now closed.

In order to claim your funds click here.

I had a PRSA - what happened to it?
RaboDirect withdrew its Zurich PRSA pension offering on 26th March 2018. If you have a Zurich Life PRSA Pension you should contact Zurich directly by:

Phone:       01 7992711

What do I do with my Digipass?
Following closure of your account(s) your Digipass was disabled and you can no longer access the RaboDirect secure site. You can return your old Digipass to RaboDirect at FREEPOST F4006, PO BOX 10152, Dublin 2.
Why did RaboDirect close?
RaboDirect Ireland, the online savings bank, closed on 16th May 2018. The decision followed moves by our parent, the Rabobank Group, to simplify its business model across the world and reduce costs.  RaboDirect was established in Ireland in 2005 to provide efficient funding for lending activities, but as conditions changed across Europe generally, including Ireland, this source of funding was no longer required by Rabobank.
What communications were sent to customers about RaboDirect withdrawing from the Irish marketplace?
Here are all the communications we made to inform customers

  • A letter on the 21st February to the address on file to inform them that we were closing on the 16th May 2018 and what steps were needed to close accounts.
  • A reminder letter in April 2018 to any customers who had not yet closed their accounts.
  • A secure email which they would have seen when they logged in to their RaboDirect account.
  • Closure notifications on our public and secure websites since the 21st February 2018 until closure on the 16th May 2018.
  • Regular media updates.
I still have questions - where can I get more information?

If your question is not covered above or you require further assistance, please email us at or contact us on 01 607 6288 .